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Meshu // When jewellery reflects YOUR places

Remember that nice trip you did last year? The cities that surprised you? The squares, streets, buildings where you run into people who amazed you? Do you recall the places where you accidently met those who make part of your life? Remember the best restaurants with the most incredible food? The most wonderful museums you’ve been into? The greatest architecture landmarks you have set foot in?

What if you could tell that story through a jewellery pieces? I mean, imagine if your new jewellery piece could reflect those places that are important to you. Would that be amazing?

Well, that's Meshu idea and I am in love with it. Their concept is quite simple: you name the places that are important to you; they make a necklace, ring, earring or a print out of it.

Photo credits II Meshu Design

Besides being minimalist and geometric pieces (which you all know I absolutely adore), it is very special as it is custom-made for the client. It is not the story of the jeweler who is at steak here, is story of the person who buys and wears it! These pieces represent places; therefore, they breathe urbanism and architecture. But above all, they are poetic. They symbolize living moments and someone’s history. It is like they secretly let every body see your own beautiful mementos! How cool is that?

Take a look at Meshu's Website and if you like the idea of sharing your stories, travels and important places through objects, see also te other projects from the same designers: Monochome and TrekNotes.

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