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May 31, 2016

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My name is Ana Braganca.
I am an architect with a master degree in Architectural Design, nevertheless my biggest passion is contemporary jewellery design.
Here, you will find  not only my projects, confessions and questions but also the works of those I admire. Hope you like it and also to hear from you! 
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Regarding my work (texts, pictures, products, photographs),
I apreciate you respect copyrights.

Michael Becker exposition// The Architecture of Light

January 27, 2016


The Architecture of Light II Video credits by: Alternative Galleries II


For me, Michael Becker is like the God of contemporary jewellery design. I simply love his work so, of course, I had to mention the german jewellery designer on one of my first posts!


Check out this video from his exposition "The Architecture of Light", at the Alternative Galleries. His pieces are breathtaking! 


He manages to achieve purity of form, plays with perspectives and structures, triumphs with the most perfect geometric designs. And then, as you will see, he constantly plays with reflections of light; each viewpoint has a different reflection, and consequently you have an altered perception of the piece. 


To know more about Michael Becker take a look at his website. About this exposition check Alternative Galleries website.


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