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May 31, 2016

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My name is Ana Braganca.
I am an architect with a master degree in Architectural Design, nevertheless my biggest passion is contemporary jewellery design.
Here, you will find  not only my projects, confessions and questions but also the works of those I admire. Hope you like it and also to hear from you! 
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May 31, 2016

It has already been one month and a half, but it is with great pleasure that I let you know that, this year, once again I was selected to participate on the 16th edition of the international contemporary jewellery fair AUTOR. Therefore, in April, I packed my jewellery pieces, my bags, and took a plane to Bucharest. I was delighted to be back to that city which is full of surprises and to be apart again of this wonderful event!


This year, the venue occurred in the most wonderful place: The Grand Boulevard Hotel of Bucharest! This location made the Fair even more special and I would even say magical. The Romanian Ministry of Culture classifies it as a Class Monument of Culture and Architecture, and once you get in, you can see why!

Those old big rooms, design by Alexandru Orascu, are simply magnificent. You get lost in its sumptuous decorations and mystic light. The space is so beautiful that I had to tour it twice. The fist time, I was simply admiring those marble columns and golden chandeliers, imagining all the gala events that those colorful walls have assisted in the past. Lucky for me and for all the visitors of the fair, the jewelers who were presenting their work were so brilliant that afterwards I was able to keep my eyes away from that enchanting architecture.


 Photo credits II Ionuţ Dobre


Photo credits II Grand Hotel du Bolevard


This time, I had some new jewellery pieces to present, made of sterling silver and steel wire. The goal was to use an ordinary material which, once combine with a precious one, becomes precious itself. It was amazing to see people’s reaction once they touched it, not only because they were quite pleased with the result, but also to hear their comments like: “It looks so heavy, but is so light!”