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May 31, 2016

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My name is Ana Braganca.
I am an architect with a master degree in Architectural Design, nevertheless my biggest passion is contemporary jewellery design.
Here, you will find  not only my projects, confessions and questions but also the works of those I admire. Hope you like it and also to hear from you! 
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Regarding my work (texts, pictures, products, photographs),
I apreciate you respect copyrights.

Jewellery and Architecture // Tincallab challenge

March 1, 2016

One of the little pleasures life can give you, is the chance to meet great people with whom you have an immediate affinity. This is what happened when I met Ana Pina and Telma Oliveira, two architects who, just like me, in the past years have been surrendered to the wonders of contemporary jewellery.



They have opened an interesting space in my hometown called TincalLab. Here you can breath the love for contemporary jewellery. It is a workshop, a co-working space for jewellers and a residence for events that are related to art jewellery.

Unfortunately, we do not find this kind of places very often so it is with a great pleasure that today I let you know about this first floor studio which, step by step, is managing to win its place in the jewellery community.


The latest challenge they have organized was entitled: Jewellery and Architecture.

Thirty authors from different corner of the world have accepted it and the result was an exposition with very exciting and one of a kind pieces.


Actually, what I found  the most interesting was to see how distinctively the artists faced this challenged. Some used architecture and architects as a reference or inspiration source. You look at their pieces and you might grasp streets, buildings, facades, detail... Consequently, these collection have structure, geometry and very often clean lines.



Copy right by:

Ana Pina II Calepinage

Esther Kwok II Mater

Vasia Pachi II Camilla Mileto



Then, it seemed like drawing showed up through jewellery! You find some elements like , for instance, lines, patterns and textures which are played in order to achieve beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. Also, the 3D printing technique is not left behind, showing some of its potential in the production of very exciting work.

Moreover, I found remarkable to see an exposition where next to sterling silver or brass you run into aluminium foam, stainless steel or even polylactide,