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May 31, 2016

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My name is Ana Braganca.
I am an architect with a master degree in Architectural Design, nevertheless my biggest passion is contemporary jewellery design.
Here, you will find  not only my projects, confessions and questions but also the works of those I admire. Hope you like it and also to hear from you! 
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Regarding my work (texts, pictures, products, photographs),
I apreciate you respect copyrights.

Jewellery confessions

February 12, 2016


Very often, I wonder if my jewellery pieces could speak, what would they tell us? What kind of feelings they would express? what would they dream of? 



What am I?

They call me a “brooch”. The dictionary says I am an ornament, which has a pin at the back for passing through the clothing. Well, it is true but I believe I am more than that!!!


I am an idea. I am a concept, a project, a message, a structure, a material. I’m even the echo of my designer’s background, intensions, and strong feelings. But do people see all this when they look at me?


There are different kinds of people: those who see me; those who look but don’t see me; and those who simply ignore my existence as they are looking for something else. My favorite ones, of course, are those who stare at me. In those moments, I fell intimidated but proud at the same time, cause I got their attention for more than 5 seconds. Do you know what I mean? They are staring at me and not at these jewellery fellows who are standing right next to me.


Sometimes these humans are even bold enough to pick me and do what they call “try it on”.  Those are the rare moments I can see my reflection on the mirror. I see my geometric shape, my clean and straight lines, my sharp design, my textures, my shinning… I even see my designer and her story!


In the meanwhile, these people talk about me and use terms like contemporary, minimalist, architectural. But am I really all that? Are these definitions the most important about me? Maybe they are! Maybe they aren’t… One thing is for sure, I look at the mirror and I dream. I wonder if this is the moment I will start exploring a new world, with a new person who finally seems to perceive that I am more than a dictionary definition or complicated terms.


So what am I?

I am a story. A story who has been told by a designer and now urge to enrich its plot with someone who shall call me “mine”. This is my wanderlust.


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