These beautiful “Get A Round ” earrings are entirely made in sterling silver. They are classy, elegant and sophisticate. 

The first pair prototype was initially made by me using 3D printing technique and then injected in silver 925 by a professional foundry. Two zirconias have been set in each earing. To sit these earrings right on your ear lobe and keep them stud in there place, you have butterfly backs.

Please note: it is possible to have different zirconias colours, nevertheless will take up to 3 weeks to manufacture them. If this is what you would like, please contact me at

The earrings will be sent inside a beautiful and elegant paper box that has the label’s logo. Besides, it has enclosed a certificate signed by the jeweler. These are hallmarked jewellery pieces.

Please note that since these are unique handmade pieces, the item you buy might have some small differences compared to the pictures shown.

Get a Round // Earrings

160,00 €Preço
  • GAR03.1 (black zirconia)


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