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This year, 93 artists came from all over the world to take part of the 16th edition of AUTOR. The international jewellery fair took place once again in the wonderful Grand Hotel du Boulevard on the 13th and 14th of May. "It was the weekend of discoveries, the weekend of inspiring encounters, the weekend dedicated to all AUTHORS"(1)

Ana Bragança could not have missed AUTOR17 nevertheless she decided to participate as part of a group called JÄMT || Contemporary Jewellery: a collective composed by four jewellers from the North of Portugal who share a creative language and a willingness to present alternative jewellery concepts.

JÄMT´s goal is to democratize jewellery while allowing it to be accessible to a larger audience, therefore Autor seemed like the perfect jewellery event to start presenting the jewellers´ collections as group and not only as individuals. JÄMT || Contemporary Jewellery´s members are:


As always, Autor was amazing and received the Portuguese jewellers extremely well. People felt curious about why we decided to participate as a collective and their was a very positive reaction to the wide range of jewellery techniques presented byJÄMT , whose inspirations go from architectural and sculptural forms to 3D printing conceptions.

It was clear that diversity of JÄMT || Contemporary Jewellery what made it a strong presence, as in the end, the four jewellers humbly tried to explore and explained their new concepts, materials, shapes, textures and finishes.

My Precious Voltaic Mood by Ana Bragança Jewellery

Ana Bragança presented her “My Precious Voltaic Mood” collection, which tries to question the definition of “precious”. She wonders if is it possible for a non-noble material, like steel wire, to ever become precious? When combined with a precious material like silver, does it become precious itself? Has the jeweller the ability to redefine what theatrically cannot be redefined?

So, “My Precious Voltaic Mood” results of a series of jewellery pieces made of sterling silver (a noble material) and plastified steel wire (a material everyone can find in any do-it-yourself store). In the end, tradition is mixed with the ordinary, resulting in innovation.

Above all, with this collection, Ana tries to defy the limits between what is esteemed and what people do not value. So, in a certain way, she alerts to the seduction effects that noble materials have on men, who sometimes neglect the quality of the design on behalf of the luxury material features.

Truncum by Marta Pinto Ribeiro | Contemporary Jewellery

Marta Pinto Ribeiro creates contemporary jewellery which reflects a special interest in volumes, textures, asymmetries or contrasts, influenced by her graduation as a sculptress.

From a prismatic object, where volume and shape defines its presence, comes up "Truncum" – a bulk from which happens various transformations of itself. "Truncum" is the main structural element of all collection, which assumes is sculptural character for itself or in conjugation with its variations. Despite volume and empty spaces emphasized by enamel, this collection blends the voluptuousness of shapes with delicacy of lines.

Truncum Collection is a combination of volumes and empty spaces approaching object to a sculptural form, coupled with delicacy of tradicional techniques of jewellery.

Corner by Joana Santos Jewellery

The “Corner” collection cradle was built along the intersection of lines from two distinct areas, architecture and jewellery.

Architecture influenced this collection remarkably evolving in a pure geometrical composition, 90 degrees angles twisted in a rational way building up distinguished volumetries, light and shadow games coming alive by the silver oxidation.

“Corner” is the full stop, the melange between past and future, representing the author, previous architect and now a jeweller.

Play by Wek

To Wek it's all about playing! Connecting long necklaces, matching colours... Join as much as you want!

Play collection is focus on the lock, the main piece of the necklace.

Thought to be more than functional, the lock means singularity, irreverence, the importance of details.

Between innovation and tradition, PLAY collection merges 3D conception and printing with handmade modulation of agriculture's tying strings, specially from the vineyards.

Big thanks, Dan!!!

So in the end, we all want to thanks the special men standing with us in the picture below, Dan Piersinaru, for organising this fabulous jewellery event and to give us the chance to participate is this beautiful fair!!

(1) http://www.dautor.ro/en/autor-2017-awards/

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